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  • Motivation Monday - Margo Newman

    JeffreyM Consulting

  • Celebrating Rebecca Millar's 2-Year Anniversary!

    Michelle Ruane, Director of Human Resources

  • Celebrating Kate Carte's 3-Year Anniversary!

    Michelle Ruane, Director of Human Resources

  • A Powerful New Partnership for Sprinklr Digital Display Management

    Matthew Tennant, ZZeba Society

  • Celebrating Amanda Rosin & Kindra Priest’s 1-Year Anniversary!

    Michelle Ruane, Director of Human Resources

  • 4 Tips for Reaching Out to Recruiters

    Rebecca Millar, Recruiting Specialist

  • Celebrating Trevor Thompson's 2-Year Staff Anniversary!

    Michelle Ruane, Director of Human Resources

  • Celebrating Michelle Ruane's 6-Year Anniversary!

    JeffreyM Consulting

  • Celebrating LaToya Benson’s 1-Year Staff Anniversary!

    Michelle Ruane, Director of Human Resources

  • JeffreyM Honored on the Inc. 5000 List for the Seventh Year in a Row

    Michelle Ruane

  • A Day In The Life of A Graphic Designer: DeAnna Cortese

    Sammuel Petrichos, Social Media Community Manager

  • The 10 Commandments of Social Media Management

    LaToya Benson, Digital Account Manager

  • Meet the Newest JeffreyM Staff

    Michelle Ruane

  • A Day In The Life Of A Community Manager: Sam Petrichos

    LaToya Benson, Digital Account Manager

  • Welcoming our Newest Staff Addition

    Michelle Ruane

  • Announcing Direct Placement

    Michelle Ruane

  • Highlights from the JeffreyM Consulting Holiday Party

    Michelle Ruane

  • Partnership with Free The Children

    Stacy McCannon

  • In Case You Haven't Heard – We're moving in.

    JeffreyM Consulting Ranks No. 3276 on the 2014 Inc. 5000 with Three-Year Sales Growth of 104%

  • Introducing New JeffreyM Staff

    Michelle Ruane

  • JeffreyM Takes Seattle

    Michelle Ruane

  • Human Centered Design: The Key to Modern Marketing

    Matthew Tennant


    Matthew Tennant

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Motivation Monday - Margo Newman

JeffreyM Consulting

News / Motivation Monday - Margo Newman

The early bird is certainly catching the worm! Mother, wife and VP of Accounts at JeffreyM Consulting, Margo Newman definitely has an impressive title. But how does she get motivated to dominate in both her personal and professional life? (Hint - it starts at 4:45am in the gym!)

Everyone gets a “Case of the Mondays.” What helps you get through your Monday? Is it a quote, or personal or professional goals?
I try to use Mondays as my ramp up day for the week. I schedule limited meetings, and spend time focusing on what I need to get done for the week. I try to work/start on big projects on Monday since it is my quiet time, per say - Meditation Monday in work terms!

What is your favorite aspect of your current position with JMC?
The people. I get to work with the most talented and fun people! I love to hear about what innovative projects our consultants are working on. They inspire new strategies that I get to help build!

Do you have a favorite playlist or podcast you listen to at work?
I change it up often, but right now I am listening to Chill Vibes on Spotify. But when I need to turn up the jams I usually go with a dance mix or some 90's throwback jams! Everyone loves a little Biggie!

Do you have a daily routine that helps you get through your day?
Yes! I meet my friend at the gym bright and early at 4:45am! It is hard to get up, but it really gets my day going and makes me feel better all day. After the gym I get to enjoy a cup of coffee in silence, prior to my family getting up and in full swing! I commute in, which takes a little over an hour. But it is where I get to catch up on all my email. By the time I reach the office, I am ready to have meetings and collaborate!

Any exciting projects you are currently working on?
For the last year, we have really been expanding our partnership with Sprinklr. This has allowed us to build out our Marketing Services team specifically, which allows us to support many different clients as they optimize the Sprinklr tool. This team operates under the JMC umbrella, and we are continuing to add to this team, focusing on different skill sets so we are able to offer clients solutions that fit their needs. For example, we recently added Marshall Mitchell to the team, who has been certified in Sprinklr and provides Graphic Design services for clients to utilize for their social content.

Celebrating Rebecca Millar's 2-Year Anniversary!

Michelle Ruane, Director of Human Resources

News / Celebrating Rebecca Millar's 2-Year Anniversary!

Today we celebrate Rebecca Millar, and her two-year anniversary with JeffreyM Consulting! Originally joining the team as our Talent Coordinator, Rebecca has worked her way to her current position of Recruiting Specialist. Rebecca works hand in hand with our Talent team to offer a top-tier full cycle recruiting experience. Not only is she responsible for recruiting new talent, but she works with our current bench who are seeking placement. In addition, she manages our existing talent, ensuring our active team is satisfied from a career trajectory standpoint.

As a key member of our Talent team, Rebecca manages the entire recruiting and staffing process for our Bellevue based Social Command Center, which is comprised of over 55 social media consultants. Not only has she staffed this group, but she makes a conscious effort to meet with all SCC hires one month into their role to gain feedback regarding their onboarding process, and to just see how things are going all around! Rebecca also ensures she is onsite at the SCC every few weeks. This allows a direct connection and line of communication between JeffreyM and our consultants. In addition, Rebecca also assists in the recruitment of senior-level consultant jobs in the marketing and project management areas.

Rebecca always goes above and beyond when it comes to taking on tasks around the office – big or small. From managing our Equipment Loan program, helping plan company-wide events or even ordering snacks for the office, she is willing to take on the task. Rebecca is also immersing herself in our marketing and social efforts, expanding her knowledge in these areas.

When not busy recruiting the best of the best, Rebecca enjoys running along Elliott Bay, exploring new brunch spots, and of course, a good bottle of wine with friends. In fact, Rebecca is preparing to run her first half-marathon this upcoming weekend – cheer her on with us!

Congratulations Rebecca on your 2-year anniversary, we are excited to see what the next year brings!

Celebrating Kate Carte's 3-Year Anniversary!

Michelle Ruane, Director of Human Resources

News / Celebrating Kate Carte's 3-Year Anniversary!

Three years ago today, on Cinco de Mayo 2014, we celebrated Kate Carte’s first day with JeffreyM Consulting over margaritas and tacos. It was the perfect way to welcome such a bright, upbeat and positive addition to the team! As our Director of Client Engagement, Kate ensures great customer service within established accounts on the daily.

After 9 years of experience in sales and program management at Microsoft, Kate was actually very familiar with JeffreyM as she began to explore her next career move. As a then client of ours, we interacted with Kate often and had built a great relationship. When it came time for her make a change, the stars aligned and we invited her to join JeffreyM Consulting as our then Director of Business Development. With her knowledge of Microsoft and corresponding extensive network, Kate was the right person to ensure our employees and clients receive top-notch service, as well as strategize ideas around growing our client base and identifying new business opportunities.

As part of the JeffreyM network, it is likely you have interacted with Kate over the past three years. If you have not yet had the pleasure, or want to just say hello, reach out to her at katec@jeffreym.com. She would also love to share how we can work with you! When not running to numerous meetings or cultivating new business relationships, you can most likely find Kate on the golf course, enjoying some Woodinville wine tasting, or spending time with her family – which includes raising a newborn! She does it all.

Congratulations on your 3-year anniversary, Kate. JeffreyM Consulting’s reputation of delivering topnotch service is upheld in large part because of you, and we appreciate you every day.

A Powerful New Partnership for Sprinklr Digital Display Management

Matthew Tennant, ZZeba Society

News / A Powerful New Partnership for Sprinklr Digital Display Management


Matthew Tennant
ZZeba Society

A Powerful New Partnership for Sprinklr Digital Display Management
Ideacage partners with JeffreyM Consulting and ZZeba Society for all-inclusive command center display deployment and management

Chicago, Illinois: In the world of constant digital transformation, Sprinklr has emerged as a leader in digital display technology. But more than ever, businesses deploying and using this technology need a comprehensive strategy for display deployment and ongoing management, including digital advertising management. 

Demand inspired digital display leader, Ideacage, has partnered with JeffreyM Consulting and ZZeba Society to produce a one-of-a-kind, holistic offering to new and existing Sprinklr Display customers. Sprinklr provides the technology, Ideacage delivers the hardware & maintenance, and JeffreyM and ZZeba Society provide strategy, setup and ongoing display management.

With the launch of the new Sprinklr Display for Command Center and Retail, businesses around the globe can now access the most complete command center solution in the marketplace. “The pairing of industry-leading hardware with experienced people to launch and manage it will enable companies to immediately understand their data visually and create powerful content for retail stores and events that will drive business and empower the visual experience,” shared Ideacage CEO Matt Murphy. “Part of the offering can include management of displays as digital advertising units – a first in the industry,” he added.

Download additional information here

Ideacage is a data visualization hardware integrator with solutions powered by their industry leading Screen Control software resulting in state-of-the-art installations for customers.

JeffreyM Consulting & ZZeba Society are globally located Sprinklr Services partners with a focus on consulting, on-demand Digital Services, Sprinklr tool management, Storytelling and Marketing Hub Activation and Management for enterprise clients. 


Celebrating Amanda Rosin & Kindra Priest’s 1-Year Anniversary!

Michelle Ruane, Director of Human Resources

News / Celebrating Amanda Rosin & Kindra Priest’s 1-Year Anniversary!

One year ago today, two of our now most valued staff members, Amanda Rosin and Kindra Priest, joined JeffreyM Consulting. Each came to us with an impressive background, extensive experience, and fresh passion to help JeffreyM reach new heights of success. Today we celebrate their 1-year anniversary with JeffreyM, and reflect on their accomplished journey to where we are today.

Congratulate Amanda Rosin - From the moment Amanda Rosin began her interview, we recognized that her work ethic, attention to detail, and passion for learning something new would be the perfect fit. Couple that along with the fact she was coming to us from a position in the retail world, where she had been for 8 years prior, proved her steadfast loyalty. As a rapidly growing company, our Accounting/HR department of one was ready for additional support - not only to manage the increasing workload, but to really focus on strategies to streamline our processes as we grow. We began our search for a Human Resources Coordinator, which began as a somewhat undefined role. Amanda fit the bill and came onboard, and immediately proved that even with the distinctive processes in which we operate, she could quickly learn and adapt to the “JeffreyM” way of doing things.

After ramping up and learning the ropes, Amanda quickly took on the bulk of our payroll and invoicing. With the ability to really focus on this area of the business, Amanda was able to modify and improve our accounting processes, which she continually develops as we continue to grow and evolve as a company. Well deserved, Amanda has recently upgraded her title to Finance Manager, which better encompasses her role as the main go-to for all payroll, invoicing & finance related items! Amanda has taken the initiative to create new data tracking processes, as well as help improve some of our HR processes to ensure the employee onboarding to payroll process is most efficient. She is always willing to learn new things, and to add responsibilities to her already expansive role duties.

As part of the JeffreyM family, chances are you have interacted with Amanda at some point over the last year (especially if you forgot to submit your timecard)! If you have any questions, or want to just say hello, you can reach her at amandar@jeffreym.com. Outside of her finance world, you can find Amanda wine tasting throughout the state, reading a great book, and hiking around the Northwest.

Congratulations on your 1-year anniversary Amanda! We are excited to see what the year ahead will bring!

Congratulate Kindra Priest – As part of our efforts to expand our client base, as well as develop the Direct Placement and Contract-to-Hire areas of our business, we knew we needed someone in place to focus solely on this aspect. Meet Kindra Priest whose independence, matter of fact attitude, and fun personality shined throughout her interview, where we knew we could trust her with the job at hand.

Kindra’s role as Senior Manager, Client Development, focuses on engaging new clients, as well as supporting our unique existing clients, to help them with their staffing and recruiting needs. Continued follow-up is key in Kindra’s world, as needs are ever-changing with clients, and she is fully committed to this action to ensure our clients are supported at all times. It is important to Kindra that the client experience with JeffreyM Consulting is exceptional. With 20+ clients on her radar, she ensures this by prioritizing and cultivating the relationship with each and every one, with onsite visits and frequent communications. As one of our current clients shares, “Time and again she impresses me with her relationship skills, her ability to understand what I am looking for and most of all her ability to deliver. Kindra is extremely attentive, she has superb follow-up, and she is amazingly tactful. She is a consummate professional and I believe a wonderful representative for your company…and ours.”

Kindra thinks outside the box when finding the right candidate for a client, which has helped her place over 30 employees in positions with various companies over the last year. Not only has she accomplished just that within her one-year tenure, but she is a team player within the JeffreyM staff. She is always there to assist the Recruiting team when they need additional support, and helped us implement a staffing loyalty program for clients.

Kindra, being a non-native to the PNW, loves experiencing all that the area has to offer of the outdoors with her family - from paddle-boarding on the Sound, hiking the mountains, camping on the lakes and clamming at the beach.

Let Kindra know if we can help you with any of your staffing and recruiting needs, or just introduce yourself at kindrap@jeffreym.com!

Congratulations on your 1-year Kindra! We can’t wait to see what you accomplish in year two!

4 Tips for Reaching Out to Recruiters

Rebecca Millar, Recruiting Specialist

News / 4 Tips for Reaching Out to Recruiters

The job hunt can be an exhausting and daunting process and we, as recruiters, understand that. We want to provide you with the best possible experience while you navigate this process, and there are a few things you can do as a candidate to help make this happen! Throughout my time as a Recruiting Specialist with JeffreyM Consulting, I have interacted with thousands of candidates. I’ve therefore picked up some tips along the way that can help ensure your interactions with recruiters goes smoothly and, most importantly, leaves them wanting more!

Tip #1: Be Specific

If you are interested in a certain role that a company is advertising it is always appreciated when you put in the effort to reach out to the specific recruiter for said role. Granted, a recruiter may not always be listed – so, the next best option is to e-mail the general alias or recruiting alias for that company, if they have one. Ours is recruiting@jeffreym.com. Send us a message, we’d love to chat!

Tip #2: E-mail vs. Phone

I suggest leaving the phone call as a last resort. E-mail is, by far, a much better choice when first establishing a connection with a recruiter for a couple of reasons. Just like you, a recruiter’s day is incredibly busy. If you choose to call into our office, the odds that we are either already on the phone, about to hop on a call, or are currently unavailable, are pretty likely. However, if you e-mail us we can answer at a time when we are able to give you, and your questions, our full attention.

Tip #3: Utilize LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an awesome tool to utilize if you are seeking to connect with a recruiter. When requesting to connect, personalize the note you send and include a brief message about why you’d like to connect. This not only helps your request stand out in our inbox, but also gives us a little insight into how we can work with you!

If you are contacting a recruiter about a job that has been advertised, be sure to include a link to the job description. This is an effective way to ensure the recruiter knows the exact role you are interested in and can accurately provide details about the position.

Tip #4: Keep the Connection

Whether you landed the role, or perhaps moved on with another job, it’s always a smart move to stay in contact with a recruiter! I have people who will reach out months after we have connected to let me know that they just finished up with a position, and that they are back on the market. This type of check-in is fantastic because you just never know when your dream job just might be coming down our pipeline. However, be wary not to bombard a recruiter with e-mails too often. Once a month, or every other month, is just fine!

Celebrating Trevor Thompson's 2-Year Staff Anniversary!

Michelle Ruane, Director of Human Resources

News / Celebrating Trevor Thompson's 2-Year Staff Anniversary!

Back in 2013, during summer break before his senior year at Washington State University, Trevor Thompson joined JeffreyM Consulting as our summer marketing intern. During this time, he organized our first big summer social media campaign, helped design some fresh and colorful marketing templates, and was on call for any design or tweeting needs we had! He returned to WSU to finish out his senior year, where he was one of the leading members on the Washington State University National Student Advertising Competition team, where he was the go-to person for all graphics, production art, digital - and just about anything else. Fast forward to his graduation, and we were more than eager to have him back on the JeffreyM team!

About that time, our Social Command Center at Microsoft had been operating for just over a year, and was rapidly growing. We immediately rehired Trevor back on as a Community Manager in the SCC for the Office products, while he also contributed to freelance graphic design projects - including a graphic design project for Bing. Shortly thereafter, we offered him additional training in Sprinklr, the social media management platform used in the SCC. He again became to the go-to person, this time for his knowledge in Sprinklr. The next natural step was to hire Trevor on as a staff member at JeffreyM Consulting in March of 2015 as Marketing Services Consultant, where he could focus on working with multiple different clients – some of which are Microsoft, SAP, P&G, Amazon, McDonald’s and more. During this time, Trevor was able to really develop our marketing services focused on social, which is still growing to this day.

New this year, as our marketing services area is quickly expanding - with no sign of slowing down - Trevor now manages a team of Digital Associates as our Marketing Services Manager. He strategizes with our clients to optimize their social media strategy, utilizing his social background as well as his extensive technical knowledge. He is also still willing to assist with any design needs that come up in the JeffreyM office!

Please reach out to Trevor and say hello at trevort@jeffreym.com! He'd love to share how our JeffreyM services can help you, or would be happy to showcase past work! Outside of the office, you can find Trevor enjoying local breweries, exploring with his dog Griffey, or best yet - planning his upcoming wedding!

Congratulations on your 2-year staff anniversary, Trevor! You have contributed so much to this company since joining 4 years ago as a summer intern, and we can’t wait to see what we accomplish together next!

Celebrating Michelle Ruane's 6-Year Anniversary!

JeffreyM Consulting

News / Celebrating Michelle Ruane's 6-Year Anniversary!

It started with a generic job posting for “Chief Office Manager Extraordinaire” just over six years ago. JeffreyM Consulting had just officially turned five, and were fresh off of securing their spot on two major fastest-growing lists. It was time to hire a second staff member to really take JeffreyM to the next level. Heading to an awards ceremony at the Hyatt in downtown Seattle, Jeff quickly conducted an interview in the hotel lobby. Fast forward from that moment to today, as we celebrate Michelle Ruane, our Director of Human Resources, and her 6-year anniversary with JeffreyM Consulting!

Prior to joining JeffreyM, Michelle had worked in the banking field, utilizing her passion for people and her zealous attention to detail. She also had worked in event planning at a popular local magazine publication company. This experience she had gained, and her willingness to take on a new challenge, made her a perfect fit for a yet to be defined position at JeffreyM.

From the beginning, Michelle dove head first into any and all responsibilities, quickly defining her role at JeffreyM. She immediately took on all payroll and invoicing functions, benefits administration, employee communication, employee onboarding/offboarding - and the list goes on. Michelle continued to develop with JeffreyM over the years, with her position and responsibilities evolving into Director of Human Resources. To this day, Michelle still maintains the above, while additionally focusing on compliance and policy, legal, event planning, and employee experience and relations. She is currently studying to earn her Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) credentials from the HR Certification Institute, allowing her to demonstrate her knowledge of the strategic and policy-making aspects of Human Resources.

Outside of JeffreyM, Michelle balances a focus on health and fitness with the occasional wine night with friends. You can also find her traveling the world, finding new hikes, or spending time with her pup.

It is likely that you have interacted with Michelle at some point if you are a part of the JeffreyM community. Reach out to her at micheller@jeffreym.com if you would like to reconnect, say hello, or offer praise or feedback regarding your experience with JeffreyM! Cultivating a loyal, fun culture at JeffreyM is Michelle’s passion, and hearing directly from you will help JeffreyM continue to evolve to be the ideal firm for all employees.

Congratulations on reaching your 6-year anniversary Michelle! You have come so incredibly far and have helped shape JeffreyM into the company it is today. We look forward to the next 6 years!

Celebrating LaToya Benson’s 1-Year Staff Anniversary!

Michelle Ruane, Director of Human Resources

News / Celebrating LaToya Benson’s 1-Year Staff Anniversary!

From the first phone interview with LaToya Benson for a Community Manager position, we knew we had struck gold in terms of a talented applicant. With social media experience both personally and professionally, a personal travel blog, and as a published author with a shining personality, we immediately recognized that her experience and background made her a perfect candidate. But this was only the start.

Originally hired on at JeffreyM Consulting as a Social Media Community Manager back in September 2015, LaToya joined the Chicago employee team and got down to business, quickly establishing herself as a leader.

As we became established in the Chicago area and our employee base began to expand, we soon realized we needed a permanent staff presence there in the form of a Digital Account Manager. During our annual Chicago holiday party, our Vice President of Accounts & Talent, Margo Newman, casually mentioned this upcoming need to then Community Manager LaToya. Margo immediately recognized LaToya’s interest in the position, and also began to sense that LaToya would be a wonderful fit. JeffreyM shortly thereafter opened up the position to all internal employees and external candidates, but LaToya was the clear choice. With a personality that fit well with the existing staff and an impressive work ethic from the start, the offer letter was sent her way.

One year ago this February, LaToya Benson accepted our offer to transition from a Social Media Community Manager, to a full-time staff member as JeffreyM Digital Account Manager of the Chicago area. It is no secret that we treat our team members as family at JeffreyM Consulting, and adding LaToya to that family was a no-brainer. Looking back over the past year, we know our Chicago presence wouldn’t be where it is now without LaToya.

LaToya actively manages our existing Chicago consulting talent, and ensures our current Chicago accounts and clients are serviced at top-notch levels. She also spearheads our business development efforts in the area by identifying and landing new opportunities, and developing connections with potential clients. On top of that, she is also responsible for developing the JeffreyM social media brand in Chicago, highlighting events and local stories applicable to our network.

Our existing Chicago employee base loves working with LaToya, and immediately turned to her for support and guidance once she moved into her new role. LaToya also organizes and leads all of our training and morale events for our Chicago employees, ensuring our culture is maintained at all JeffreyM locations. Ikeda Lockhart, one of our Social Media Supervisors who works regularly with LaToya, shares that “LaToya works hard on building team morale with monthly events. She goes above and beyond to make sure each team member feels valued. Great support!”

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of interacting with LaToya, please reach out to her at latoyab@jeffreym.com and say hello. When not enjoying a local dance class with her friends, visiting her Texas roots, or finding the trendiest Chicago happy hour hotspots, she is cultivating our JeffreyM Chicago presence immensely, and would love to share how we can work with you!

Congratulations on reaching your 1-year staff anniversary LaToya! We accomplished so much together in year one, and we look forward to what the next year ahead will bring!

JeffreyM Honored on the Inc. 5000 List for the Seventh Year in a Row

Michelle Ruane

News / JeffreyM Honored on the Inc. 5000 List for the Seventh Year in a Row

Inc. Magazine Unveils 35th Annual List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies—the Inc. 5000

For the seventh year in a row, Inc. magazine today ranked JeffreyM Consulting NO. 4377 on its 35th annual Inc. 5000, the most prestigious ranking of the nation's fastest-growing private companies. The list represents a unique look at the most successful companies within the American economy’s most dynamic segment— its independent small businesses. In its 7th year, JeffreyM Consulting ranks #17 in Washington state, and is one of only 14 national companies to have made the list 7 years in a row.

“To celebrate this news as a seven-time Inc. 500|5000 honoree is a true testament to our continued hard work and dedication to our valued employees and clients,” said Jeffrey McCannon, CEO of JeffreyM Consulting. “To be listed once again alongside the other remarkable companies featured on this year’s list is truly an honor.”

Founded in 2006, JeffreyM Consulting is a leader in providing end-to-end staffing augmentation for companies and industries of all types and sizes. With 10+ years of experience, we specialize in strategic consulting services, Direct to Hire and Contract to Hire staffing models so our people have the flexibility to work in any environment they choose. We are a company of experts driven by a passion to share our knowledge and create impact both at work and also in our communities. We do this by aligning our expertise to several practice areas across Digital, Events, Channel, Marketing and Analytics, and serve a range of clients all across the nation.

A Day In The Life of A Graphic Designer: DeAnna Cortese

Sammuel Petrichos, Social Media Community Manager

News / A Day In The Life of A Graphic Designer: DeAnna Cortese

Here at JeffreyM Consulting, we are professional connectors. We use our pool of talented professionals to connect with our client’s needs. Today’s blog is a continuation of our series highlighting the “people that make us who we are.” We hope this series will continue to illustrate the talented, diverse and professional staff that JeffreyM Consulting has deployed.

Meet DeAnna Cortese. DeAnna is the metaphorical spoon that mixes the McFlurry at the McDonald's Corporations (McD’s) Global Brand Hub. As a Graphic Designer on the social team, her role is to visualize the copy produced by the Content Studio, work on cross-functional campaigns, and of course make sure the guacamole is always freshly stocked!

DeAnna comes to us from CBS Radio, where she was also a Graphic Designer. She graduated from the Illinois Institute of Art with a BFA in Visual Communications. She became an industry rock-star working for nine of Chicago’s top radio stations. Fun fact: This redheaded, fun-loving Graphic Designer also shares a birthday with McD’s founder, Ray Kroc!


Let us take a peek into DeAnna’s day-to-day life as a Graphic Designer. Starting her day early, around 8:00am, she first reviews her e-mail and Skype messages (it is not uncommon for occasional 2:00am e-mails/messages to have filtered in).
Once she is up-to-date, she will next review the social channels for comments and activities around the proactive messages that her and the Content Studio team have developed. DeAnna also focuses on assisting the Content Studio Editor and Community Managers in monitoring comments that add value to, or detract from, positive brand sentiment.

Additionally, DeAnna’s responsibilities include addressing current design assignments, and meeting with the Engagement and Advocacy team to work on future campaigns, such as the upcoming 2016 Olympic Games.


DeAnna shares that one of the most interesting and challenging campaigns she has ever worked on to date is around the upcoming international sporting event, the 2016 Olympic Games. This is a cross-functional collaboration that provides numerous learning opportunities for professional development. Some of DeAnna’s other collaborations including working on McD’s sustainability, and RMHC (Ronald McDonald House Charities) content.
One of her favorite Graphic Design posts stemmed from her time working on the Shamrock Shake campaign for RMHC. She was able to create a colorful and engaging graphic that highlighted the RMHC’s charitable contributions over the last 40 years. 

Friendships and Connections

In addition to her success as a Graphic Designer representing JeffreyM at McD’s, DeAnna also heavily participates in creating a sense of community in the Global Brand Hub. She is an integral member of the JeffreyM Culture Committee, in which the committee collaborates to create exciting, social and professional experiences for JeffreyM talent at McD’s. DeAnna demonstrates her essential position on the committee through her consistent development of friendships with fellow JeffeyM peers, whether new to the team or longstanding. DeAnna not only sits side-by-side each day with her peers, but has also experienced traveling, working on creative personal projects, and even dog sitting, all with fellow JeffreyM consultants.

Working at JeffreyM

DeAnna has expressed that working for JeffreyM allows her to continually develop her professional skill set, especially when project opportunities arise such as the RMHC and the Olympic Games campaigns. In addition, she has made many new social and professional connections all within an inspiring and fun culture.

To stay up to date with DeAnna, connect with her here:


Is your company ready to get social?

Your biggest fans thrive on interacting with your business on all it's platforms. JeffreyM can provide your company with consultants who will help you develop your business’ presence in the realms of social media, customer service, and creative publishing.
See how we can help you engage with customers in the digital space to create meaningful relationships: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQxuDI6Q_mc

The 10 Commandments of Social Media Management

LaToya Benson, Digital Account Manager

News / The 10 Commandments of Social Media Management

In my role as Digital Account Manager at JeffreyM, I love talking all things digital and helping our team of consultants create beautiful hashtags together with our clients. In the recent years, Social Media Marketing has grown both in popularity and importance. According to the 2015 State of Social Marketing Report, social media is a growing focus for marketing organizations. Social media marketing will account for 22.5% of marketing budgets within the next five years and there are an estimated 76,000 social media marketing professionals in the workforce.

Whether you are managing social media for a brand or building your own personal following, these 10 Commandments of Social Media Management will keep you on the right track as you navigate through the digital world:

I. Thou shalt remember your privacy isn’t secure.

In the digital space every tweet, post and like becomes public information. Even if you “tweet and delete” you should bank on someone capturing a screenshot that will come back to haunt you.
Rule of thumb: “If you don't want your employer, pastor or mother reading it, don’t post it.”

II. Thou shalt not abandon your social media presence.

Your biggest fans thrive on interacting with your business in all its platforms. Keeping your social feeds active by posting engaging content and interacting with your audience consistently, will help you increase your social reach. Take full advantage of social media management tools that allow you to automate and share posts across multiple platforms.

III. Thou shalt keep content relevant.

Bill Gates said it best almost 20 years ago, “Content is King.” Always share relevant content, articles and images. Monitor social conversations, stay on top of trending topics and adjust your social strategy as needed. Your social team should be able to deliver important material in real time, so that your business is always on the pulse of newsworthy developments and always available to snag an opportunity.

IV. Thou shalt be authentic.

Your online presence should be reflective of the same experience people will encounter with you offline. Share real, relevant and authentic content that is in alignment with what you or your brand represents. There are enough copycats online, set yourself apart by remaining true to who you are.

V. Thou shalt MODERATE regularly

Being a great leader means being a great listener, so continual customer engagement is key. Large brands and businesses should look to invest in a team of community managers to facilitate in various interactions--whether comments, questions, concerns, or complaints--within your business’ digital realm. Be on the lookout for spam and obscenity connected to your social feed, and remember, the BLOCK button is your friend.

VI. Thou shalt be respectful

Whether you are interacting as the customer or representing your company, it is important to remain respectful in all your communications in the digital space. Negative comments aimed towards your detractors or competition have the potential to ruin the reputation of your brand. Tweet and post wisely!

VII. Thou shalt clean house

Spring cleaning your digital home should be a regular practice. Delete any old photos or posts that are no longer relevant to your brand identity. Identify and unfollow inactive users, block any spam accounts and make sure your contact information is current. Crowdfire is a great app if you're looking to do a quick clean sweep on Twitter and Instagram.

VIII. Thou shalt keep a consistent online brand

When it comes to establishing or updating your social media presence, make sure your online branding is consistent. Are your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter usernames the same? They should be. Make it easy for people to find and connect with you on social media.

IX. Thou shalt know your numbers

Knowledge is power, so it’s important to use metrics and reporting tools to help you understand the impact of your digital presence. Utilize social media analytics to measure content reach, audience engagement and follower growth to assess return on investment. 

X.   Thou shalt have fun

It’s social media so it’s okay to let your hair down and have a little fun! Snap, post and tweet away, just keep these commandments in mind.

Connect with LaToya on social media: Twitter @toyanicolemedia LinkedIn LaToya Nicole Benson

Is your company ready to get social?
JeffreyM can provide your company with consultants who will help you develop your business’ presence in the realms of social media, customer service, and creative publishing. See how we can help you engage with customers in the digital space to create meaningful relationships. Let’s chat!

Meet the Newest JeffreyM Staff

Michelle Ruane

News / Meet the Newest JeffreyM Staff

The month of April did not only bring about beautiful weather here in Seattle, but with it three (read it – three!) amazing new hires to the JeffreyM staff team! We are thrilled to welcome LaToya Benson, Amanda Rosin and Kindra Priest who each come to us with impressive backgrounds and experience, and with fresh passion to help JeffreyM reach new heights of success.

You are sure to see these new names and faces very soon, so please allow us to introduce our newest staff members.

Welcome LaToya Benson – who joins JMC as our Chicago based Digital Account Manager. LaToya, who joined us in February, is responsible for heading up four key areas of our business in our newly developed Chicago market – actively managing our current consulting talent, ensuring current accounts/clients are serviced, making new connections with potential clients, and actively developing our social media brand in Chicago. With over a decade of corporate experience as a marketing and sales professional for BNSF Railway, LaToya proved her leadership working with multi-billion dollar corporations to provide transportation solutions and educate companies on supply chain optimization. Since 2013, LaToya has worked as a social media professional, consulting and partnering with small businesses and corporate brands including: Unite4Good, NFL Draft and McDonald’s. On a personal note, LaToya is an author, wine enthusiast, Beyoncé fan and enjoys volunteering with youth-based organizations and sharing travel tips and inspiration on her blog.

Feel free to reach out to LaToya at latoyab@jeffreym.com

Welcome Amanda Rosin – who joins JMC as Human Resources Coordinator. In this role, Amanda will be supporting all aspects of payroll processing, invoicing, employee benefits maintenance as well as employee onboarding. With a keen eye for customer service and supporting her corporate community, Amanda will be able to help fully establish all incoming team members and ensure a superior employee experience. Before starting with JeffreyM, she was pivotal in the growth of her previous company, Fireworks Gallery, by helping construct their catalog of merchandise, train all current and incoming inventory specialists, and overseeing all payments and invoices. A tennis enthusiast and player, Amanda’s free time also consists of wine tastings, reading a great book, and hiking.

Feel free to reach out to Amanda at amandar@jeffreym.com

Welcome Kindra Priest – who joins JMC as Talent Manager, Direct Placement. As the newest member to the Talent team, Kindra’s role focuses on supporting our unique clients, spreading our message to develop further relationships, and acquiring the most amazing talent for our clients’ teams. Kindra was previously the hiring manager for a Seattle based company that employed staff for large television network sporting events nationwide. Kindra, being a non-native to the PNW, loves experiencing all that the area has to offer of the outdoors with her family, from paddle-boarding on the Sound, hiking the mountains, camping on the lakes and clamming at the beach.

Feel free to reach out to Kindra at kindrap@jeffreym.com

A Day In The Life Of A Community Manager: Sam Petrichos

LaToya Benson, Digital Account Manager

News / A Day In The Life Of A Community Manager: Sam Petrichos

At JeffreyM you will hear us say often, “Our people make us who we are.” We are committed to creating a career experience where culture thrives and passion instinctively follows. To give you insight into the people behind the JeffreyM brand, we will begin a series of “A Day in the Life” employee profiles. This is our unique invitation for you to get up close and personal with our company, clients and consultants. 

Meet SAM PETRICHOS, McDonald's Social Media Community Manager

Share what an average day looks like.

As a Community Manager working on McDonald’s Global and U.S. social channels, I get the opportunity to be on the frontlines and watch how the brand, the food and the people merge together in the digital space. The day begins by reviewing updates on campaigns, workflow assignments and trending stories provided daily from my Sr. Social Media Supervisor. In addition, I skim my personal social media platforms, alerts and trending stories. Being aware of what’s happening in the digital space both stateside and globally, helps to set the tone for the workday and allow for adjustments as needed as we are engaging with customers socially.

The goal is to exceed my daily metric for engagement, so the ability to stay focused in such a fast paced environment is essential. Everyday I’m able to utilize our social media dashboard to review relevant analytics and monitor a wide range of conversations related to the brand and identify opportunities to engage, provide support and build brand advocates. If I am assigned a specific campaign like, #AllDayBreakfast, my day will consist of crafting responses to customers who are craving, loving or seeking answers related to all things breakfast. 

Working in an collaborative environment provides the ability to lean on my colleagues for insight and direction. If I find myself doubting my creativity or searching for clarification on a sensitive subject, being able to ask openly “How would you respond to this tweet?” and receive an immediate response, speaks to the true benefit of working in our Global Brand Hub, it increases productivity and fosters community.

Most exciting social campaigns you’ve worked on.

My first week on the job I was able to work on the #SXSW 2015 campaign and since have worked on social media activations for the Grammys, All Day Breakfast and World Peace Day. The most exciting was the #imlovinin24 campaign, which was a 36 hour tweeting marathon where I had the opportunity to interact with our customers in Australia, Japan and Europe around the clock!

Working closely with the Content Studio has given me the opportunity to work on projects that utilize my creative writing background and develop my photography and design knowledge. I work with the Global Social Newsroom Editor to brainstorm ideas, collaborate on content and assist in food styling for photo shoots. I worked on content for National Cheeseburger Day and was even a model for our Valentine’s Day social posts! 

What you enjoy most about working for JeffreyM.

I love working with great people, the opportunity to work on special projects and enjoy being a resource to new employees as they are onboarded to the team. JeffreyM Consulting has given me the opportunity to work with a world renowned company like McDonald’s to increase my social media knowledge and create a meaningful career.

Connect with Sam as he tweets, cooks and travels through life. 

Twitter: @sammspice
Instagram: @spicesamm
LinkedIn: Sam Petrichos

Is your company ready to get social?

Your biggest fans thrive on interacting with your business in all its platforms. JeffreyM can provide your company with consultants who will help you develop your business’ presence in the realms of social media, customer service, and creative publishing.
See how we can help you engage with customers in the digital space to create meaningful relationships: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQxuDI6Q_mc

Welcoming our Newest Staff Addition

Michelle Ruane

News / Welcoming our Newest Staff Addition

Continuing with our unrelenting expansion as a company, JeffreyM is pleased to announce the newest addition of Rebecca Millar, who joins our team as Talent Coordinator.

Rebecca is responsible for assisting with the recruiting and hiring of new talent, as well as managing existing talent. Not only does she work with our current bench of talent who are seeking placement, but she also ensures our active team is satisfied from a career trajectory standpoint. Rebecca works hand in hand with our entire Talent team to offer an exemplary full cycle recruiting experience. When not busy recruiting the best of the best, Rebecca enjoys running along Elliott Bay, exploring new brunch spots, and of course, a good bottle of wine with friends.

Feel free to reach out to Rebecca at rebeccam@jeffreym.com

Announcing Direct Placement

Michelle Ruane

News / Announcing Direct Placement

We couldn’t imagine a better way to start our first quarter of the new year by extending our services and welcoming a new team member to head up our direct placement division. Meet Michelle Phillips, who joins JeffreyM as Talent Manager, Direct Placement. Now you can consider JeffreyM the trifecta in staffing services - from Consulting to Staffing to Outsourcing, we are the firm that can help businesses of all shapes and sizes spark innovation and change through the power of our great people.

Michelle is responsible for managing new business development and recruiting top talent. Connecting with large and small companies in the Seattle area regarding hiring opportunities will be a main focus, as well as connecting with current and prospective clients on how JeffreyM can provide upmost value. Michelle, passionate about building lasting relationships, brings over ten years of staffing industry experience. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, and playing soccer.

Contact Michelle Phillips directly at michellep@jeffreym.com

Highlights from the JeffreyM Consulting Holiday Party

Michelle Ruane

News / Highlights from the JeffreyM Consulting Holiday Party

What a wonderful time of the year! We always look forward to our annual opportunity to invite our employees, customers and partners to gather together and celebrate the successes of the past year, as well as celebrate the year ahead.

On the evening of December 18, 2014, we hosted our holiday celebration at the stunning Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery in Woodinville, WA. Cocktail hour began in the Barrel Room, festively decorated and accompanied by a DJ spinning classy holiday tunes, where guests mingled and enjoyed wine and tray-passed appetizers. Following a toast by Jeffrey McCannon, President of JeffreyM Consulting, the Banquet Room was revealed where an exquisite and hearty buffet was enjoyed. Guests then headed back into the Barrel Room to enjoy the delectable dessert spread (Oh, the desserts!), coffee, music, and of course, more wine.

As announced last month, JeffreyM Consulting has partnered with Free the Children, an international charity and educational partner, and we were thrilled to incorporate these philanthropic efforts into our holiday gifting. Guests were gifted a voucher to redeem at the Free the Children table, where they could choose to apply their Gift of Empowerment dollars to purchasing a bundle of baby chicks or a dairy goat for a family, or a school kit for a child. Guests also had the opportunity to purchase items from a selection of Rafiki jewelry pieces, handmade jewelry made with love by a mama in Kenya. For those unable to join us for the evening, we gifted either a school kit or bundle of chicks in their name. In total, JeffreyM donated 42 bundles of chicks, 36 school kits, and 4 goats to families and children in need in Kenya. We are so happy to be partnering with Free the Children over the next three years and will communicate opportunities to get involved with our efforts in the coming months.

It is extremely special for us to create this culture and spend time with our employees, as due to the nature of our business our opportunities to interact are rare. Meeting significant others and guests allows us an additional peek into personal lives as well, further enhancing the evening. We were also delighted to highlight five employees who celebrated their five-year milestone with JeffreyM in 2014.

A huge thank you to all who attended and celebrated the successes of 2014, and we look forward to continued success in 2015.

Partnership with Free The Children

Stacy McCannon

News / Partnership with Free The Children

JeffreyM is pleased to announce our partnership with the “Free The Children” organization - an international charity and educational partner whose mission is to create a world where all young people are free to achieve their fullest potential as agents of change in their community and around the world.

The organization was founded by Craig Kielburger in 1995, when at the age of 12 he gathered 11 school friends to begin fighting child labor. Today, they have more than 2.3 million youth involved in innovative education and development programs.

Domestically, they empower young people and equip them with the resources, education, inspiration and action ideas they need to make a positive impact through We Act. We Act is a comprehensive educational program for schools that enhances service learning programs by delivering campaigns and support resources. Each year, Free The Children, together with We Day, celebrates the amazing achievements youth are making around the world.

Internationally, Free the Children works in eight different countries to break the cycle of poverty through the Adopt-a-Village model. They work alongside the men, women and children who every day strive to free themselves from poverty, exploitation, disease and thirst. This effort is not charity, it is sustainability. Adopt-A-Villages works to identify and create initiatives that address the needs of the community in a holistic way. All elements of the Adopt a Village model are designed to be owned and maintained by the community, and self-sustained within five years after project implementation is completed.

Through our partnership, JeffreyM Consulting has committed to sponsor Seattle We Day over the next three years and in an on-going effort our consultants have opportunities to make an impact in our global community.

We are thrilled to formalize this partnership with Free The Children as we endeavor to give back and support those in need.

In Case You Haven't Heard – We're moving in.

JeffreyM Consulting Ranks No. 3276 on the 2014 Inc. 5000 with Three-Year Sales Growth of 104%

News / In Case You Haven't Heard – We're moving in.

Inc. Magazine Unveils 33rd Annual List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies—the Inc. 500|5000

SEATTLE, WA – August 20, 2014 – Inc. magazine today ranked JeffreyM Consulting, LLC number 3276 on its 33rd annual Inc. 500|5000, an exclusive ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. The list represents the most comprehensive look at the most important segment of the economy—America’s independent entrepreneurs. This is JeffreyM Consulting’s fifth year in a row placing on the Inc. 500|5000 list, having experienced a three-year revenue growth of 104%, with 61 new jobs added.

“To have the growth of JeffreyM Consulting recognized alongside the other prominent companies featured on this year’s list is truly an honor,” said Jeffrey McCannon, CEO of JeffreyM Consulting. “To further celebrate as a five-time Inc. 500|5000 honoree truly represents our hard work and dedication to our valued clients and consultants, and we look forward to even greater successes to come.”

According to Inc., the 2014 Inc. 5000 is the most competitive crop in the list’s history. The average company on the list achieved a mind-boggling three-year growth of 516%. The Inc. 5000’ s aggregate revenue is $211 billion, generating 505,000 jobs over the past three years. Complete results of the Inc. 5000, including company profiles and an interactive database that can be sorted by industry, region, and other criteria, can be found at www.inc.com/inc5000.

"What surprises me, even though I know it’s coming, is the sheer variety of the paths our entrepreneurs take to success, thematically reflecting how our economy has evolved,” says Inc. President and Editor-In-Chief Eric Schurenberg. “This year there are far more social media and far fewer computer hardware businesses than there were, say, six years ago. But what doesn’t change is the fearsome creativity unleashed by American entrepreneurship.”

The annual Inc. 5000 event honoring all the companies on the list will be held from October 15 through 17, 2014 in Phoenix. Speakers include some of the greatest entrepreneurs of this and past generations, such as Michael Dell, Martha Stewart, host of the CNBC show “The Profit” Marcus Lemonis, Container Store Founder and CEO Kip Tindell, and Chobani Founder and CEO Hamdi Ulukaya.

About JeffreyM Consulting, LLC

JeffreyM Consulting is a leader in providing end-to-end staffing augmentation for companies and industries of all types and sizes. We specialize in strategic consulting services with over 10+ years of experience partnering with the largest software company in the world. Yet we also engage in Direct to Hire and Contract to Hire staffing models so our people have the flexibility to work in any environment they choose. We are a company of experts driven by a passion to share our knowledge and create impact both at work and also in our communities too. We do this by aligning our expertise to several practice areas across Digital, Events, Channel, Marketing and Analytics. If you want to be a part of a fun, flexible, innovative and driven group of people who care about customers helping them to solve challenging business problems, then JeffreyM Consulting is the right place for you!

More about Inc. and the Inc. 500|5000


The 2014 Inc. 5000 is ranked according to percentage revenue growth when comparing 2010 to 2013. To qualify, companies must have been founded and generating revenue by March 31, 2010. They had to be U.S.-based, privately held, for profit, and independent—not subsidiaries or divisions of other companies—as of December 31, 2013. (Since then, a number of companies on the list have gone public or been acquired.) The minimum revenue required for 2010 is $100,000; the minimum for 2013 is $2 million. As always, Inc. reserves the right to decline applicants for subjective reasons. Companies on the Inc. 500 are featured in Inc.’s September issue. They represent the top tier of the Inc. 5000, which can be found at http://www.inc.com/5000.

About Inc. and the Inc. 5000

Founded in 1979 and acquired in 2005 by Mansueto Ventures, Inc. is the only major brand dedicated exclusively to owners and managers of growing private companies, with the aim to deliver real solutions for today’s innovative company builders. Total monthly audience reach for the brand has grown significantly from 2,000,000 in 2010 to over 6,000,000 today. For more information, visit http://www.inc.com/.

The Inc. 500|5000 is a list of the fastest-growing private companies in the nation. Started in 1982, this prestigious list of the nation’s most successful private companies has become the hallmark of entrepreneurial success. The Inc. 5000 Conference & Awards Ceremony is an annual event that celebrates their remarkable achievements. The event also offers informative workshops, celebrated keynote speakers, and evening functions.

For more information on Inc. and the Inc. 5000 Conference, visit http://www.inc.com/.

Introducing New JeffreyM Staff

Michelle Ruane

News / Introducing New JeffreyM Staff

It has proven to be an exciting year of growth and change in the flourishing world of JeffreyM, most recently with the addition of three (yes, three!) incredible new staff members.

Embarking on a new year with goals of aggressive growth by expanding our client base, adding new jobs and focusing on operational efficiency, just to name a few, was a prime time to invest in resources to support these goals. These newest internal hires come to us with great experience, extensive knowledge of the industry, and a passion to help take our growth to the next level.

You’ll likely see these new faces and names around soon, so please allow us to introduce our newest JeffreyM staff members.

Welcome Andrea Russell - who joins JMC as the Vice President of Business Operations. In this role, she is responsible for overall business strategy and planning in addition to the day to day functions of the business conducted for the purpose of growing our revenue. This includes driving a rhythm of the business to improve operational effectiveness by streamlining business work processes and procedures while also championing our company branding, marketing, business development and our online communications.

Prior to JMC, Andrea spent 14 years at Microsoft in various sales, marketing and business management roles across Segment, Channel and Product teams. Prior to Microsoft, she spent 5 years at GE Capital Information Technology Solutions in Product Management for IBM and other hardware technology providers, and also spent several years championing start-ups during the dot-come bubble.

Andrea hails from the mid-west and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Minnesota. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband and two kids, TJ (8) and Vivian (6) plus is an avid reader, non-cooking foodie, photographer, golf hack and world traveler.

Feel free to reach out to Andrea at andrear@jeffreym.com

Welcome Kate Carte - who comes aboard as our Director of Business Development. Kate joined Microsoft in 2005 as a MACH hire from Western Washington University where she played on the women’s varsity golf team. In her first role at Microsoft, Kate was a top producing inside sales rep selling to state and local government in Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia. She was promoted to an outside sales position as a Strategic Engagement Manager in 2007. In this role Kate focused on U.S. State and Local Government breadth customers where she leveraged local partners and resellers to drive double digit growth selling into her territory which spanned 13 states in the west region. In her most recent role as the Worldwide Public Sector and Visiting Elites Program Manager, Kate has continued to support customers, driving business value and impact with some of Microsoft’s most important customers at the Redmond Executive Briefing Center.

Kate is a fun loving people person and Redmond native. When not at work you will find her spending time with her husband Rick, 8 month old daughter Chloe, family, and friends. In her free time she enjoys running, skiing, playing golf, fishing, cooking for friends, and traveling.

Feel free to reach out to Kate at katec@jeffreym.com

Welcome Kara Wharton - who joins JeffreyM as our Finance Manager. She will be involved in the financial and accounting functions including invoicing, payroll, benefits, and 401K. Kara has a Finance degree from the University of Nevada and has worked in accounting/finance for the past 8+ years; most recently for a company that retrofits business jets (think turning a plane into a flying limousine).

Kara lives in West Seattle with her husband Rob and 11-month old son Porter. She spends her free time chasing around the little guy, camping and boating in the summer, enjoying a good glass of wine, and traveling whenever possible.

Feel free to reach out to Kara at karaw@jeffreym.com

JeffreyM Takes Seattle

Michelle Ruane

News / JeffreyM Takes Seattle

Get ready Seattle, JeffreyM has officially moved in. After seven years rooted on the Eastside, the JeffreyM Headquarters have moved west across the bridge and can now be found 17 floors above the bustling streets of Seattle.

With our staff count quickly increasing, our existing space in Bellevue began to seem as if it was busting at the seams. A good problem to have! We seized this opportunity to expand our presence into the Seattle space. The downtown area houses some of the fastest-growing and most prominent company headquarters, allowing us to immerse ourselves into their networks while also exposing us to a larger talent pool to meet recruiting needs. We look forward to growing together in the years ahead as we continually expand to serve new markets and uncover new talent, both in and out of the Seattle area.

On the daily, we now enjoy such amenities as our own private kitchen, conference rooms, and private offices with sweeping views of the Puget Sound outside our windows. Needless to say, all new furniture (including standing desks!) and décor was a must to fill our new space. Visitors walking through the front-door are now even greeted with a great reception space, where our long-awaited JeffreyM logo now hangs brilliantly, complete with interchangeable logo colors.

Please note that our address and direct business telephone number have changed. Our new contact information is the following:

1325 4th Ave
Suite 1730
Seattle, WA 98101

Feel free to drop by if you are ever in the area, we look forward to officially welcoming you.

Human Centered Design: The Key to Modern Marketing

Matthew Tennant

News / Human Centered Design: The Key to Modern Marketing

This is Part II in a series of guest posts by Matthew Tennant, Operations and Oversight Manager for the Microsoft Social Command Center (CIC). Check out last week’s post, “Don’t Be the Conversation, JOIN the Conversation.”

human centered design process

It isn’t relevant to only occupy the social and digital space anymore. By occupying space, you just create noise. But by analyzing the end users and creating meaningful human experiences and interactions in their daily digital consumption, you create relationships. This is called Human Centered Design (HCD) and it is key to modern marketing.

What is Human Centered Design?

HCD is a process and a set of techniques used to create new solutions for the world. Solutions include: products, services, environments, organizations, and modes of interaction.

The reason this process is called “human-centered” is because it starts with the people we design for. The HCD process begins by examining the needs, dreams, and behaviors of the people we want to affect with our solutions. We seek to listen to and understand what they want. We call this the “desirability lens.” We view the world through this lens throughout the design process.

Human Centered Design lenses

Once we have identified a range of what is desirable, we begin to view our solutions through the lenses of “feasibility” and “viability.” We carefully bring in these lenses during the later phases of the process.

The three phases of HCD are: Hear, Create, and Deliver.


Traditionally, a group of people — whether agency or internal — go directly to brainstorming and creating. But in a modern approach, listening must happen before anything else.

Listen and Understand: First, you must analyze the audience. What are their personas? What are they talking about? How have past campaigns performed?

Feedback and Collaboration: In this phase, it is critical that you talk with end-users (either in a group or individual setting), learn their stories, and understand how they consume. This allows you to know the needs, barriers, and constraints to your service or product.


In this phase, you start to understand the timeframe, look for patterns, seek opportunities, and create an approach —  always with the voice of the user in mind.

Develop an Approach: Take all the knowledge and opportunities identified, and set them into the reality of today. This includes calling out key insights, finding themes, and creating marketing frameworks.

Create Objectives and Channels: As you create a plan, remember to not only deliver relevant content (via a multi-channel approach), but also to JOIN THE CONVERSATION in the topic areas where your users are engaging.

Gather Feedback: Once solutions have been generated, take them back out to the users to get feedback.



Launch: With all these components, you now have a revolutionary user-generated marketing approach. Next, identify the timeline to start implementation — understanding that based off of campaign performance, you will need to amplify, join, and deviate to create success.

Learn: After launch, it is critical to analyze and understand how users are interacting and responding.

Retarget: Study what themes are performing well; those performing well should be retargeted utilizing a cross-platform approach that is ultimately fed by social. 

In the next part of this series, we will break down the different aspects of this approach.


Matthew Tennant


marketing funnel

This post was written by Matthew Tennant, Operations and Oversight Manager for the Microsoft Social Command Center (CIC).

To most, social networks refer to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all those Phone, Web, and app-enabled tools that help us communicate. But in reality, social networks are really nothing more than groups of individuals connected by some commonality: relationships, beliefs, profession, or purpose.

Before the internet and the World Wide Web, these interactions took place in person at school, work, church, and conferences. The emergence of social media has transformed one of the oldest characteristics of humanity: our desire to make personal connections. Modern technologies have revolutionized the way we exchange ideas, share information, and solve even the most challenging problems — reshaping research and marketing cooperation along the way.

Understanding the complexity of this is critical for success in the years to follow. Here are a few steps businesses can take:

1.  Understand the Social Change

Social Interaction is a science, always has been. According to Networks of Trust: Will the New Social Media Change Global Science?, it’s critical to understand that social platforms aren’t just a channel, but a fundamental change in human interaction and global science. Companies who don’t monitor, communicate, and engage will be disrupted by the magnitude and influence of social. The key to successfully adapting to the change is to understand your community, empower them to be advocates, continually monitor, and JOIN the conversation in real-time… even if the conversation is negative.


2.  Get Rid of Marketing Silos

Place emphasis on integration. Crafting Integrated Multichannel Strategies will not only show a complete user marketing experience but complement social ROI. This is often a political and challenging road. But, revolutionary marketers understand the modern-marketing funnel and the importance of a creating multi-channel approach. Not having these lines connected will disrupt and possibly create a PR nightmare.

3.  Join the Conversation

Customers are always talking to (or talking about) brands on social. Should you put up a “CLOSED” sign and ignore them? The answer is no. If you ignore them, you will more than likely BE the conversation. By JOINING the conversation — responding to as many people as possible, answering questions, recognizing problems, and highlighting advocates —  you’ll create healthy, engaged, and powerful communities. You’ll build relationships.

4.  Determine Your Return-On-Investment (ROI)

We all hate this word, but I’ve learned to love it. The first step is to understand what success looks like for your company, then find out how you can report on it, implement the right tools, and evaluate the results. Think about how you can utilize the tools of social to follow up with questions/problems, show shift in brand sentiment, and increase overall customer satisfaction.

This is part one in a series of pieces exploring how businesses can thrive in the social era. Stay tuned...