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JeffreyM Employee Highlight – Ashley Nelson

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As we continue to celebrate Black History Month, we had the pleasure to sit down with one of our employees and staff member, Ashley Nelson, Client and Recruitment Manager at JeffreyM, to hear about what Black History Month means to her.

What does black history month mean to you:
For me, Black History Month is all about celebrating the culture, resilience, and achievements of Black people. It’s about recognizing our contributions to society while also acknowledging our ongoing struggles. It’s also a great opportunity to amplify black voices and stories, and a time for the rest of the country to celebrate and become aware of some of the things that I get to experience and enjoy every day.

Are there any specific events or traditions that are important to you during black history month or throughout the year?
In recent years, I’ve enjoyed taking the time during black history month to engage my son in fun activities that introduce him to the history and culture of black people. We read books, play jazz or blues music by black artists (we love Duke Ellington!), and we go to our local cultural center that showcases African American arts & heritage. This is a great time for us to learn more about our history as a family. I also love supporting the black owned businesses in my community.

How can the community celebrate and bring awareness to Black History Month beyond just this month?
The community can celebrate black history by watching movies and documentaries (there is a ton of good content on Hulu!), listen to podcasts and read books that promote black history and heritage, share and promote the work of Black artists, writers, activists, and thought leaders, support black owned businesses, attend events, etc.

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